Wednesday, April 7, 2010


My email was a mess. I subscribe to a bunch of fitness newsletters (of varying quality) along with my favorite baseball team, and a few dozen other spam sources. I had over 8000 emails, and 440 unread emails in my inbox (not to mention hundreds of cataloged emails).
So I have spent the time that I would normally be talking to you folks getting things cleaned up, as well as getting the baby's room ready for his arrival, writing training programs, going to baby school, and getting some work done here and there too.. oh yeah.. I've trained a bit too.
Friday was a rough one:
15 sec prowler intervals at 180
2:1 rest:work for 5x3minutes
along with rope pull and sandbag carry for 2x3 minutes.
then 8x15 sec at 5:1 rest:work.

had a couple good rolls at class then did 8x30 sec on 90 off on the hand bike and went for a good long walk with the easter bunny.

Sunday: I got Parisian macaroons in my Easter basket along with a copy of Sherlock Holmes.

Monday: I taught class. The professor is in Cali for the pan ams. I taught some wrestling back escapes: sit-out, switch, and guinea roll (that's what my coach in high-school called it.. I can't find it anywhere on the interwebs by that name.. sorry)

Tuesday: I was in a major rush between work and baby school (newborn infant care class) So quick warm up.
Deads: 315x3, 350x3, 395x10..
I think it's all pretty much a blur after 7. I damn near passed out.. but it was a good set and a pr. Then military: 115x3, 135x3, 145x8.
Then drop set of 2a dumbbell rows: 65x10, 60x5, 55x5,50x5.
Then off to baby school.

PS CES, I accidentally deleted your comment (there were a lot of spam comments last week, but I did address it) Sorry about that.

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