Friday, March 26, 2010

5 weeks.

The wife and I are 5 weeks out from the estimated arrival date of our progeny. This leaves me with a bit of a conundrum. How do I train? 5/3/1 is good/simple/fast, but I want to do more dynamic movements keep getting that clean and front squat up.. but that oly lifting cycle beat me up and I overtrained very quickly. So.. I think I'm going to combine the two.

Tuesdays: 5/3/1 military press and deadlift starting light light light.

Thursdays: hang clean and squat work up to 185 week 1: 1 set, week 2: 2 sets, week 3: 3 sets.. and 5/3/1 bench press.

accessory lifts for both days: Rows, chins.

Saturday afternoons: some light kb work or conditioning.

M-W-Sa(mornings): BJJ

Fridays: the usual Friday fun.

We'll see how that shakes out.. I might do this for 5 weeks, might do it for 2.. depends on when the turkey is done.. after that.. catch as catch can.

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