Friday, November 13, 2009

Funny you don't look Flu-ish.

I am sick. Crawl into a hole, can't ingest anything but orange juice, just want to sleep till someone makes the bad man stop Sick.
No training today.. probably not till monday.
The wife is due for a flu shot this weekend. Hopefully I won't infect her.


ces said...

That sucks. A lot.
I'm sorry you don't feel well. I'm just now feeling 100% after 6 weeks ill. I know how you feel and I hope you feel better faster than I did.
Rest and fluids, of course.
...and, for some strange reason, I always found a "The Godfather" marathon an appropriate use of rest time when ill. Perhaps you should try it.

J. B. said...

Yeah, I'm worried about the wife catching it more than anything.
I left work early, and slept for 4 hours, ate some aspirin and a bunch of green tea.

Normally, I'd have a 'firefly' marathon, but this weekend I have a bunch of studying to do, so I'll be pretty well occupied.
thanks for the well wishes.