Tuesday, October 20, 2009

I've got a new attitude..

Good stuff, last night was good but sucked at class.. if that makes sense. My timing is off, and since I haven't rolled in almost 3 weeks, my specific fitness isn't there, but I'm back! and being back is fun.
new liftingness!
3 days a week:
day 1 upper
day 2 lower
day 3 dynamic

day 1a:
dumbbell bench
barbell row (using preacher curl bar because it's easier on my wrists and I get better ROM)
Dumbbell OHP

day 1b:
barbell row (same as above)
dumbbell OHP

day 2:
TRX split squats
1 leg kb deads
glute med work
all of the above will be 6 reps per week 1, 8 reps per week 2 and 10 reps per week 3.

Day 3:
cleans 3-5 sets of 3-5
speed deads 6x2-3

today was day 1:
dumbbell bench:
5 at 65*
5 at 75*
5 at 85*
then 6 at 95

5 at 115
5 at 135
5 at 155
6 at 175

5 at 45*
5 at 55*
6 at 65
*(all done 1 dumbbell at a time)

I'm doing this for a couple reasons:
to do something a little different, after 5 cycles of 5/3/1 I want to do a little more hypertrophy work, and give my cns a break.
I want to get in more flexibility and unilateral work that I sorely need.
I want to see how my body responds to some different training stimulus.
So the weights I've got here are going to stay the same, I'm just going to try to push the reps up every week until it's time to deload.

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Jesse said...

TRX split squats are favorites of mine. Doesn't take much weight to make them painful.

Good luck with the new program, man. Seems a pretty solid way to tackle the issues you mentioned.