Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Nein, Nein, Nein..

Oh wait.. 9/9/09.
ok bad pun.. sorry for that.

Things are a little nutty around the Casa de Zero. The wife is back to school (teaching not studying), she's doing the breast cancer 3 day walk, and I have been studying for my CCNA which is coming up in 9 days.

Training has been good.
Friday was a circuit:
tire slams (overhead, slam, catch on the bounce, and slam again) 10x
hand over hand rope pull
kb swings 10/10
kb bear crawl
grapplers (on knees) 10/10
grappler's twist, grappler's twist, row (on the trx.)

Saturday was class, and the last deload workout.

Sunday was off.

Monday went to day class which ended up being an open mat.

Yesterday was week 1 military:
5 at 110
5 at 125
8 at 145

1a. rows 12/12 at 85
dips 10 at +35
x3 (only got 8 dips on the last set)

I have been doing some work to bring up my bum shoulder at the end of my workouts. It's a drag, but I'm sick of it holding back my pressing strength.

saw a bunch of movies this weekend.. more on that later this week

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