Sunday, February 1, 2009

No bowl for you.

When was growing up in St. Louis, there was a love/hate relationship with the Football Cardinals (aka the "Big Red" as opposed to the baseball cards or "redbirds"). People in the city loved the team, Guys like Dan Deirdorf and Conrad Dobler. Vai Sikahema was one of my favorite players. He was a humble guy, and an exciting player. When he broke a big punt return, and worked the post pad like a heavy bag I thought it was great. The guys who played on that team were good players and good guys, but there is only so much the players can do when the ownership of the team is miserly and refuses to hand the running of football operations to those that know football. The city hated the owner of the team (Bill Bidwell). When it was announced that they were moving to Arizona, there were people volunteering to help them pack.
They made it to the superbowl, and I had mixed emotions. They suffered so long, and there is still a soft spot for the players that I grew up watching. I was conflicted until I saw Bill Bidwell sitting in the owner’s box. I just cannot stand the idea of him having a Superbowl ring. So I rooted like hell for the Steelers.
It was a great game.

Friday training:
Ladder: 1-10
kb snatch each hand at 44
squat rack rope climb.
deadlift at 225.
tough one.

We worked an Americana, and some movement.
Then open mat. I rolled with Big Jeff for the first time in 6 months. It was good. It was nice to see how far I'd progressed. From there I had a couple different rolls. I gassed pretty quickly. I haven't been eating as well as I should, and that Friday workout was brutal.

In the gym:
Step-ups against purple band:
30 total reps each side.

3/5 at bw
x5 no rest.

2 plates 10
3 plates 6
4 plates 5
3 plates 5
2 plates 10

Push-ups (1 hand on med ball feet on bench):
ballistic push-ups

My serratus Anterior on my right side is sore as all get out.
Fight by fight thoughts on the UFC in a couple of days.. I need time to get my head around it.


AE said...

My STL friends have responded to the Super Bowl one of two ways. Some, like you, cheered for the Steelers because they hope for nothing but pain in the life of Bill Bidwell. Others rooted for the Cardinals because, well, at least they used to be the local team. I split the difference by not being particularly moved by either team and only watching the game because another friend convinced me that doing less would be pretentious.

J. B. said...

I'd imagine that those who were in the former group are our age or older, and those in the latter group were younger (and thus have no memory of the pain inflicted by the Bidwells)

Not to mention that skipping the Superbowl and corresponding consumerist entrapping is downright un-American.