Sunday, February 8, 2009

Big Love.

Watching it now. I love that show.
Wednesday night:
Some cool stuff to control a turtled opponent, and get hooks in. No sparring.

Thursday, I just did some BW stuff. More deload.
Friday was all about offset loads:
pistol squats.
1 round each leg.
Briefcase deadlifts at 115.
1 round each side.
KB clean, press, and lunge at 44 lbs.
1 round each side.
1 arm 2 feet planks.
1 round each side.

tabata interval kb swings.
4 minutes.
done and done.

worked some basic moves, and open mat.
It was crazy busy. Too many people on the mat. I sat out for a while. Rolled with Jeff, then Sam. Sam went for a knee bar. I defended by putting my knee on his chest. I turned and went for a knee bar myself. I figured if I threatened him with it I could create a scramble. Sam flipped the script by going for an ankle lock just as I turned to attack his knee. My ankle made the loudest POP I have heard in a long while. It scared the crap out of Sam. To be cautious I called it a day on the mat. I iced. It's a little puffy, but no big deal. Full ROM, no limping.
I went to the gym later:
Bench cluster set of 5 at 225.
Front squats 4x5 at 135 after a long warm-up.
Face-pulls and plank superset.
done and done.

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