Monday, January 19, 2009

Like a Wrestler.

Good weekend, but busy.
Friday's training was kept short because of the seminar on Saturday. Those things tend to be a bit of a long slog.
1...8...1 ladder alternating exercises:
A) long cycle kb clean and press (1 arm then the other)
B) rope climbs (tie rope to the top of the squat rack, feet on the front of the rack. Let rope out until your body is horizontal and pull yourself vertical)
Good work.

Saturday seminar was good. It was smallish. Lots of familiar faces.
Worked a shot defense, Brabo choke, a version of the pirate choke, a shoulder lock from arm bar, and a strange brabo variation from side control. I am going to have to play with these a bit before I really know if they'll work in my game. The instructors were patient, and did a great job of explaining things. Well worth it.

Saturday night was UFC 93. A pretty mediocre offering. Mauricio Rua looked horrible but luckily for him Mark Coleman looked worse.
I love Dan Henderson, but the match up with Rich Franklin was a snoozer.
Jeremy Horn once again showed that he is one of the most game fighters on the planet come fight day, but needs to work on his condition in a bad way.
The highlight of the night was Alan Belcher's Johnny Cash tattoo and his hail-mary guillotine choke of Dennis Kang. Kang controlled the fight up to the very second he tapped.

Sunday I went to the gym to loosen up and do some light conditioning:
Lots and lots of hip mobility work.
2/5 at bw x5 no rest.
Hand bike:
tabata protocol average watts 208 (including rest)

That afternoon the wife and I went to see The Wrestler. An impressively written and directed ugly movie. Not for the faint of heart. It is a movie that makes you question are you a complete man. Are you a fighter, a father, an artist, a son, a husband, and a scholar? Has your drive to exceed in one of those arenas left you deficient in another? Several others? Is it acceptable to be an incomplete man? How do we learn to prioritize? Why is it that when someone is on top of their profession, allowing all else to slip is acceptable. However, when they descend the mountain and their failings are no longer outshone by their abilities, only then do they become tragic.. why is that?
things to ponder.
have a good week.

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