Wednesday, January 14, 2009


Epiphany: A comprehension or perception of reality by means of a sudden intuitive realization.

Last night I was embarking on workout two of the "Stop making excuses and get your hips right to squat big project" Phase 1 of the project was pretty easy: I stopped making excuses. Phase two is a bit harder, I have started to free squat.
So last night I warmed up with some OH squats at broomstick. I am really pushing things down and forcing my hips to open up. I start thinking about this article where Alwyn Cosgrove says: "The difference in squat form and depth was not a mobility issue, it was a stability issue. Essentially, the body is shutting down the range of motion. Not because of tightness or a restriction, but because it perceives a threat due to the lack of stability."
When I am on my back in jiu-jitusu, I can work a pretty reasonable guard, but as soon as I get on my feet and load my hips restrict range of motion. I was wondering where the instability could be. While I'm pondering this I start my warm-up sets on the front squat. I squat down to where my hips start to guard, then I push my knees out, open my hips and sink a little bit deeper. I notice that as soon as I get deeper than is comfortable I notice my hips feel "wobbly" for lack of a better term. It feels like if I don't consciously stabilize my hips that I'll fall over like a house of cards. This explains why I can squat off the box, or deadlift a ton more than I can free squat. My hips don't have to stabilize the load in the hole.
I did 5 sets of 4 at supra-max rom.
My hips were incredibly tired. I am going to keep working this and see if it takes me where I want to go. More as progress progresses or doesn't.
No conditioning last night after monday night's emotional state, I needed to back off for a bit.

piddly pitiful weak front squats:
5x 4 at 135

1x Hang clean, ohp:
5 at 110
5 at 135
4 at 155
5 at 135
5 at 135

Kneeling cable 1a row:
8/8 at 100
6/6 at 110
5/5 at 120
4/4 at 130

2/5 at bw
x5 no rest.

Humble pie.

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