Monday, November 24, 2008


My sleep of late has been crap. I keep waking up without a reason. I wake up exhausted in the morning in spite of getting 8+ hours of sleep. It's not all the time, it goes in waves. I'll sleep well for 2-3 days, then badly for 5-6. I need to get it sorted out.
Training the past few:
Friday fun:
8 rounds
medicine ball throw and chase (across the parking lot and back)
tire "suplex" throw.
Tough stuff.

reverse band dead lifts (sumo)
worked up to 3 singles at 495 minus purple bands
next week I'll progress to monster minis, then straight weight.

conventional deads
4 reps at 405 (non-contiguous)
5 reps at 315 (contiguous)

hand bike tabata
185 watts

face pulls

Yesterday I baked pies.
I'm going big the next week, and then it's time to drop some lbs.
if you don't check in before.. have a good thanksgiving.

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