Thursday, October 23, 2008


My fall vacation posts took a bit of time so here's the workouts from the past week.
Jitz. We worked on a funky guard pass where you flip the guy over and then take his back.

Deads from a 4" advantage.
worked up to a single at 515. He-YOU-ge PR. Now if I could only pull this from the floor.

5 sets of 3@+20/2@bw
Trapped a dumbell between my feet, do as many chins as I can, then drop the weight and do 2 more.

CS rows:
worked up to 4 @ 4 plates

Hand bike:
90 sec @ 210 watts
90 sec @ 220 watts
1 min @ 240 watts
1 min @ 250 watts
full rest between sets.

Wednesday morn:
complexes with 90 lbs
5 ea:

Wednesday evening:
Jitz: I was a little late, but still got the instruction part of class. Worked on arm bars, and arm bar defenses. Then some positional stuff. Then we rolled. I hit an armbar and my training partner couldn't tap because his hand was caught up, and he didn't remember just to say 'tap.' So he tweaked his elbow pretty good. I feel bad about it, but it's happened to me before. I finished class with two more sparring sessions, and talked wrestling with a couple of folks.
Happy Thursday.

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