Sunday, October 19, 2008

Back from Boston.

I'm back from Boston. I had a great trip, so much so that it'll take me a week of blog posts to fill you guys in. The rundown is I flew in late, saw my good friend Wayne and His wife for a bit. Thursday I went out to Hudson, Mass to visit Cressey Performance, I asked a lot of questions, and was able to witness a group of coaches and athletes working at the top of their game. Friday I got up at the sparrow's fart to pick up the wife at the airport, and spent most of the day either cooking for the wife's crew or walking through the New England woods. Saturday was spent at the race course, and today I was in transit all day. More on all of that later this week. Right now I'm glad to be home.
Many thanks to those who hosted me in their homes or business this past week.

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