Tuesday, August 5, 2008

playing catsup.

quick post to catch you guys up on training the past few days.
Friday fun:
farmer's carry 4 trips of 100 yards @ 2x95

Truck push 5 trips 50 yards @ 1xford ranger.

went to class, rolled a few times. I am burning out at class. I need to take some time away from the school. I got caught in side-control, and just didn't care. Low BJJ volume this week.

medicine ball toss 4 lengths of the basketball court.
kb clean/press/pull up ladder 1-4 @ 53
kb swings 4x 10/10 @ 53
kb snatch 2x 10/10 @ 44

early class only.
Bruised my knee pretty good. Not injured, just annoying.
sparred twice.

No jitz tonight. Just some rep method work.

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