Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Don't just stand there, bust a move.

Busting moves from meeting to meeting today.
So here’s what I did yesterday.
Chins 1 hand on a towel, 1 on the bar:
2/2 x3
Worked up to 2 @ 225 x4
1a row:
6/6 x 4 @ 95
Pallof Presses:
4x 8/8 @ 80

Glute-Hams 3x10 @ bw

Good mornings:
Worked up to 3 @ 315
Did 3x 2 @ 275.
I need to work on my low back strength, that seems to be a limiting factor (along with hip mobility)

Jitz last night was basic, but good. We worked the 360 drill, and ezekiel choke. I headed home early after some rolling with Paul.
I'm pretty sore today, abs, chest, hips and low back.
But feeling good.
tonight is just a double dose of jitz.

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