Tuesday, June 3, 2008

We all make choices in life.

I was headed to the locker room to get changed and lift some things at my regular gym. Headed out of the locker room was a guy who's physique told me he'd recently lost a good amount of weight, and added some muscle to boot.How was I able to tell this in such detail? because the guy was wearing a tight under-armour type sleeveless shirt and some very short running shorts. Instead of thinking "Hey, good for him." All I could think of was how very obviously uncomfortable he looked, and how he was perpetually sucking in what remanined of his belly, and I could see that the loose skin on his belly made his navel look like a minature sad face.

I cannot understand why people wear stuff like that to the gym. If this guy'd worn a normal t-shirt he'd have felt more comfortable, and looked fit. The climate in the gym is not warm by any means. There is no reason to dress in that manner. I have been in one weight room or another for just shy of 20 years, I have never felt the need to wear anything less than a T-shirt and shorts to the gym. I wonder in particular about folks who are less fit that wear this stuff. Tight clothes are not comfortable if you're fat. I know, I was a fat kid, and my folks only bought clothes a couple times a year. If it got tight: tough. When you're fat, clothes slide around, bunch up, twist and pull around your bulges, and it's worse when you're moving (you know, that thing you do at the gym). I always felt self-conscious and distracted.
I can see where some folks might have bought workout clothes when they were fitter, and maybe they refuse to buy more. I can dig on that. I understand giving yourself incentive. Some people are perfectly comfortable, and good for them, but I don't understand dressing uncomfortably to the gym.
The people I always assume the worst of are the guys who wear sleeveless shirts all the damn time. We, the general public, are not impressed. Get a shirt with some sleeves. The running joke between the wife and I is that there is a monster hiding in the locker room collecting sleeves while people (guys mostly) are in the can. It's sort of like the underpants gnomes on south park.

Maybe it's just me.
4x4 @bw+25 (various grips)
1A DB press:
1a rows:
2x12@stack (+mobility drills to warm-up)
worked up to 3@415
4" elevation (mid shin)
the back felt fine. I am going to be careful for a few more weeks, but I think I'm on the right track.
Drills and position specific sparring.

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Jesse said...

Let me preface this by saying that I'm a guy who frequently wears tight fitting things in the public arena.

BUT, it is always appropriate in the context of the sport. Cyclists wear spandex and base layers. I'm sure there are some good reasons (cooler, aerodynamic, comfortable, chafing, moisture wicking), but largely, I do it because it is dictated by the population.

Now, with my general comfort level with ultra tight clothing in public being established (I was actually so brazen as to formally introduce myself to CES in spandex), I will go on record as saying that I too have never worn anything or felt the need to wear anything but a t-shirt with sleeves to the gym. I usually pair it with shorts, though on colder days or deadlift days I've been known to wear Carhartts.

I also spent much of high school and college 50-60 pounds heavier than I am now, so I know exactly the self consciousness you're talking about.

That is all. Glad to hear the back is shaping up.