Saturday, June 21, 2008

Happy Solstice.

Today is the summer solstice. There is a crazy whack-funky street fair between me and my gym. There was no chance of getting a car through, so I just walked.
First let's catch up.
Thursday, I took the day off. I was feeling pretty beat-up and the wife was heading out of town friday, so I decided to hang out with her at home.
Friday, the workout as designed was to work in pairs, with the goals being 50 TGUs each, and 50 pull-ups each. The partner's "rest" doing either planks (for the pull-ups) or kb clean and lunge (1 kb) basically you work all out, and as soon as you start to fatigue you tag your teammate. Things stop when you hit 50. Well we had odd numbers so I did something else:
3x kb snatch to TGU 5/5 then 5 pull-ups
then kb clean/jerk-pull up ladder:

Today we worked some sweet passes, and then I rolled a bit.
The back is still cranky, but ok.
Then I came home for a bit then walked to the gym, and did this:
worked up to a single at 425, then did 2 sets

bw+45 x 3
bw+25 x3
bw x 6

1 arm rows:
8/8 @ 95 x 3

tired but feeling good. Folks are coming over to watch the Ultimate fighter finale.

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