Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Book learnin'

Day time workout:
medicine ball burpee to granny toss for height.
5x down basketball court and back.

we learned a strange arm-lock to shoulder-lock from side control (base switched to the head). Weird, for the non-Bjj player, it's as weird as it sounds.
second class we worked on cross-collar choke from mount and guard.
Then we worked on positional specifics in-guard. I was on my back for 10 minutes as people rotated through my guard. Lot of fun, but I gassed pretty bad at the end. Still getting my shape back after the back injury.
Rolled with a white belt that is pretty new, I got too lax and he did a good job of making me pay for it. I'm going to have to take that guy more seriously.

Book learnin':
I bought Gracie Submission essentials the other day. You can't learn jiu-jitsu from a book, but so many moves get lost, or learned partially during class time that I feel the time with the book is well spent. I'm going to have to invest in a couple of books to allow me to rediscover moves that may have fallen out of my game.

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