Sunday, June 15, 2008

Cross check.

Had two very tecnical rolls at class/open mat yesterday. I learned alot. I called it a day even though I had a bit more in the tank. I just wanted to ruminate on those rolls for a bit.

In the afternoon went to the gym, did some work to loosen up and work on my weak points.
high box step-ups @ bw
chins (several different grips)
super-setted those, 3x10 each

1 arm rows:
3x4/4 @ 110

incline bench 3x10 @ 135. This works my weak right shoulder like crazy. I hate them, but like the old saying goes:
"If you suck at it, you need to do it more."

Today, I had brunch with the in-laws. They're good people. My sister-in-law is preggers. Kudos and congrats all around. Good conversation, good food, and a good time.

After a nap the wife and I went out and looked at some bikes. I rode a surly cross-check. I really liked this bike. I wasn't really prepared for a test ride (jeans, flip-flops) but I dug the bike. I'm going to go back for a more prepared ride monday, and maybe check out a couple road bikes while I'm there.
I hope everyone had a good father's day.


Jesse said...

The Cross check is a great utility bike.

You planning to roll with it on your newly shortened work commute? Or is it still not that short?

J. B. said...

I liked it, fit me well.
That is the idea. at least a few days a week.

Jesse said...

Excellent. Bike commuting is a great choice, my friend.

I think you'll find (with the cross check or any similarly styled bike) that the more you use it for getting around town, the more you'll appreciate things like fender clearance, capacity for big tires/knobbies, rack mounts, etc.

Lemme know what you end up with.

J. B. said...

that's what I was thinking. I want something fast(ish) for weekend rides, but I want something fairly burly to deal with crappy roads, and railroad tracks. I feel pretty good about the cross-check, but I am going to go back and just talk to them about maybe getting a road bike.. $900 is a lot of coin to drop on a bike.