Monday, May 26, 2008

Touch the earth.

I wanna break it in my hands
I wanna grow something wild and unruly
-Dixie Chicks
That's right, the Dixie chicks, you got a problem with that?

Good weekend.
The fights Saturday were great. B.J. Penn put on a striking demonstration at a level very few people in the MMA world could match. His jab was lethal, and he used it to great advantage to set up power shots. Sean Sherk was doing the best he could to counter with his left hand, but he's still in the "stand and bang" mode, and B.J. was at a higher level. As soon as he realized Sherk was trying to counter the jab with a loaded up left hook, B.J. made a very high level adjustment. He doubled up the jab, and threw a right hook. I don't think many people in MMA would have made that adjustment. It was really impressive.
Wanderlei Silva proved that he was still a force to be reckoned with by absolutely destroying Keith Jardine.
Tito Ortiz didn't have enough left in the tank to push Lyoto Machida, and got pretty roundly handled in the stinker fight of the night.

Sunday was all about gardening.After seeing S.J.'s urban micro-farm (complete with livestock) I planted some vegetables. We put up hanging pots with tomatoes, and strawberries. We planted carrots in a half barrel planter, and in a planter box put in peas, corn, fennel, and beets. Hopefully it'll be a productive venture.

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