Friday, May 9, 2008


After yesterday's workout, repairs were made to the slosh-pipe. I added more PVC cement to one end, let it set partially and duct taped the holy be-jesus out of it. Then I hack-sawed off the other end, used a chisel to remove the cut off pvc from the cap. re(partially)filled her, then put the cap back on and then applied a crap ton of pvc cement to the seam, and duct taped that end after letting the cement set up for a while. A better blogger would have pictures, but you get what you pay for.

My back is better, but not Better.. if you get me.
Tonight will be another 'careful' training session for me, Saturday will be jiu-jitsu technique, and maybe some light rolling.

The boys however, they'll be taking the newly repaired pipe for several spins this evening.

that is all.
Carry on.

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