Friday, May 23, 2008

Duct tape.. I'm holding together with it.

My back is just good enough to go to class and drill. No live rolling. I have been improving my 1 arm rows. doing sets of 8@90, 6@95 or 4@105. And lots of pull-ups. I haven't done any pressing other than push-ups. Open chain pressing puts too much stress on my back, so I've been making due. Lots of ice, lots of boring glute medialis work to try to protect my Sacroiliac joint in the future.
It's funny, last night I was looking at my "attendance card" for BJJ, you can see where I had a job, because there are little gaps in my training attendance here and there, but as soon as I "went on vacation" there are no gaps, and in a couple cases I've doubled up.
The back is feeling better today, but that's when it's the most dangerous. I have to stay disciplined and not roll or push it during training. patience is not one of my more prolific qualities.
Have a good holiday weekend.

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