Friday, April 18, 2008

lighter heavier.

last night's workout:
ME deads (sumo, from floor)
miss@475 (you could have slid a sheet of paper under it, but not a comic book)

I am now 20 lbs lighter than the last time I checked my max dead, and while I hit 475 then, It was a total grinder, now I just missed it.
I'm ok with that.
The goal is 500@ ca. 205 bw (or 2.5xbw).
Seems doable to me.

from there:
close grip bench 2x10 @ 135
1A rows 2x10 @ 75

Pull throughs:

varius silly little exercises to bring up my bum shoulder:
several x AMAP @ silly baby weights.

Saw a raccoon this morning. When I was rowing more, I'd to see all kinds of wildlife: otter, beavers, haren. It's always strange to see a wild thing in the middle of a big city like this.. well at least something besides rats.
have a good weekend.

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