Wednesday, February 6, 2008

Secrets and workouts..

Ok, the secret's out. I had a job interview last friday. It went well. It was for a contract job, and I tried to work it so that they'd hire me as a full time employee.. It backfired.. I didn't get the offer, which is too bad, but could be worse. I'd rather swing for the fences and pop out than settle for a walk.

last night's CES inspired workout:
various mobility drills, x-band walks, and OHS.

worked up to 225+ chains.
I was actually nervous before this set, I've never been nervous before a set my whole life.
At 5 I thought "there's no way"
at 10 I thought "Maybe I'll make it to 15"
at 15 I though "that f*cker"
at 17 I though " 3 more, that's just my regular squat work.. that f*cker!"
at 19 "one more, I can do anything for one rep"
at 20 I just sort of laid there.. panting.
Now I sort of cheated, I did box squats which puts a pause in between the eccentric and concentric portions of the lift, but I also went to jujitsu after, so cut me some slack.
4x10 glute hams against monster mini band.

Then I went to jujitsu.
my abs, glutes, and hammies are pretty sore.
I fear there are some pretty serious doms in the mail.
This marks the start of the transition from heavy lifting to more conditioning.
This week will be higher reps, low rest, next week will be heavy supersets, then right into complexes and straight conditioning.


ces said...

Well done. How much of the load was chains?

The box squat has its advantages and disadvantages. On the one hand you get the rest. On the other hand, standing back up without the rubber-band-like effect of the hip flexors is more difficult.

Different muscles, different types of movement. I'm not sure I'd say one is more difficult than the other.

The hardest, for me, was keeping my body firm under the weight of the bar. Makes even simple breathing laborious.

Code name: 1% said...

I figured it had something to do with a job. Too bad ya didn't get it. Doesn't look like I'm gonna get that teaching gig in PR either, but at least I tried.

J. B. Zero said...

Chains are 25 lbs at the top, obviously less at the bottom.

That is true. I didn't even think about the stretch reflex.

My abs were toast afterwards. Completely.