Thursday, February 28, 2008

Eat breakfast.

Dan John, EC, and most of the folks over there---->
Tell you to eat breakfast, because it keeps your metabolism humming along, keeps you from having an insulin dump after lunch blah blah blah.. well the other day I was sitting down.. ahem "reading" Uncle John's bathroom reader and I came across.. well I'm paraphrasing but:
75% of folks involved in industrial accidents skipped breakfast.
Considering that according to an NPD group survey only 25% of us skip breakfast regularly, seems to me a bad idea.

Went to class last night. I think I'm over the flu that had me beat down on Tuesday.
Good luck to CES and Jesse, both of whom have races on Saturday.


super jive said...

Aha, I try. It makes me nauseated to eat when the girls do. I usually have something more like an early lunch.

Lucky for me I'm not operating a crane. XD

J. B. Zero said...

Is that a comment on your digestive system, or their table manners?
I assume the former.

Lucky for those of us who drive down your street daily as well..
Which is closed AGAIN WTF is up with that?