Friday, January 18, 2008

Sleep, stress, and slacking..

I took last night off.
The stress of work the past few days, the amped up training at jujitsu have combined to leave me feeling cranky and sore. I'm having trouble sleeping, difficulty raising my core temperature in the morning, and generally unable to block out even minor nagging injurys. Any one of these for me is a red flag that I have reached diminishing returns, combined, it means trouble. So I made a nice dinner last night, and relaxed. I feel 100% better. I'll get back after it tonight.

Oh and if someone wanted to get me a T-shirt.. this one is pretty spiffy.

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Jesse said...

Good call, JB. I think one of the (mentally) more difficult things to do when you're in the midst of heavy training mode is to take time off.

But you're better off for it in the long run and a better man for listening to your body.

Sometimes you've just gotta park it on the couch with some General Tso's and watch all of the Die Hard Movies back to back.