Tuesday, January 15, 2008

Johnny Paycheck, and me.

My job sucks. It's a long story full of dirty laundry, but what it amounts to is there is a faction at my place of employment that has senior management's ear and unreasonable, uncommunicated, and ever changing expectations. Working there is like nailing jello to a wall. I had a really tough morning, and after a meeting with my boss he said "You're frustrated, take the rest of the day off. Do something positive, recharge, and come back tomorrow." Part of me is grateful. I got a good workout in this afternoon, watched a great documentary, and did some reading. Part of me (a very small part, as I trust my boss) wonders if I'm not going to get sh#t-canned. It's a terrible feeling to feel untrusted, and vulnerable.
This song speaks to me these days:

today's workout:
6x2@225+chains (60 sec rest)

Kneeling squats:
Great exercise I haven't done in a while. You kneel on a box or pad near the squat rack so that your feet are allowed to flex, and do squats. It takes hip mobility out of the equation. It allows us with mobility issues to get work in.
I was feeling pretty tapped. So I called it a day.

Monday's jitz class was one of the hardest training sessions I've had since college. Hence the light workout today.
Going to class now.

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