Monday, December 10, 2007

The music thing..

If you've read more than a few posts on this blog you know that I talk quite a bit about music, and how it relates to events and emotions in my life. Music is in many ways the leash and collar that identifies my feelings. Not so much that my emotions are dependent on them, but that music is a common language that gives a name to our individual experiences.
No one can really know how I felt on a particular day and time, but if I tell you I felt like this:

You know that I was feeling sullen, abandoned, dark and melancholy.
If I bring up something like this:

the words are similar: betrayed, abandoned, dark, angry.. but incomplete. In order to make the distinction, would take paragraphs. However,when put in terms of music, the full experience comes across almost immediately. This is the power of good music.
It doesn't matter if it's Hank Williams, Beethoven, Black flag, or Sinatra, all good music translates to nearly universal emotions. Bad music cannot express emotion, bad music is a farce, a phony pantomime of experience.
This blog is an expression of my experiences. Since music is the shorthand for emotional expression, I will continue to use it to make my experience as universal as possible, to focus my point, and hopefully provide a bridge to it. That's the beauty of art, and music. It not only allows for the self indulgent expression of the artist, but it can translate for those who identify with it.

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