Wednesday, December 19, 2007

Ah to hell with it.

I had some thoughts on last night's "Biggest Loser" finale, and the season in general. I was going to mention how I was appalled that Neil tried to turn a life changing opportunity to into a money grab. I was going to mention how amazing it was to see all of these people lose over 100 lbs in six months. I was going to point out how former athletes tend to do better than those who have never been athletes, and that in my opinion it is because they understand that in spite of what their bodies tell them, they're not going to die if they push harder.. but honestly, traffic was terrible, and work is piled up and it's less than a week before Christmas, and who gives a damn about a reality show.

Last night's workout:
9x2@185+MM bands. 60 sec rest
The bands add a lot of tension at the top of the squat, but without a monolift, it's difficult to actually walk out with the bands. I prefer using chains for accommodating resistance on the squat.

Speed pulls: (all 30 sec rest)
5x1@315 these were very fast, especially when I kept my weight on my heels.

glute hams:
10,8,8@ MM
I loved these. Weight behind the head on glute hams loses resistance as your body gets closer to perpendicular to the ground, the band gets heavier. These were great.

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