Wednesday, November 14, 2007

New "Allergen" by Kalvon Clein.

I am allergic to most colognes and many perfumes. Normally they only bother me when applied to my skin, but a very few I am sensitive enough to that being in close proximity to someone wearing them will cause my head to clog up, my eyes to water, and my skin to itch severely. After a while I'll become nauseated and get a severe headache.
Yesterday, someone here at the office was wearing such a perfume. She is nice, and English is a second language for her, so I didn't want to explain the difference between "you stink" and "the scent you are wearing is making me ill." So I sucked it up, and left work with a pretty good headache. I got into my heavy squat work, and the plan was 3 sets of 3 at 275 for squats. I set up tight, and hit the first triple no problem. I put the weight down and released the pressure in my body, and the headache turned up the volume from a background conversation to a shouting match. I set up for the next set, and got tight, pulled in a good bunch of air. I backed down to the box, and up. My head was pounding, but I stayed tight, and did another rep, the longer I stayed tight the more my head was killing me. I stopped at two. I sat down for a rest. I could feel the blood in my brain pounding my gray matter like a hammer. One more set, just do one more triple and you can call it a day. I set up, drove my shoulders into the bar, and pulled my air. My head was killing me. I got down to the box, and fought like hell to keep tight. I couldn't do it again, the pain in my brain wouldn't let me keep my body tight enough to squat. I gave up on the squats. I went on to deads. These were easier because I was just doing singles, so I only had to stay tight for a short period. I finished up and went home. It was a struggle. I have never stopped short of a workout from anything other than injury before. I hope that lady doesn't wear so damn much perfume today.
Workout reads as thus:

Squats: (13" box)


Glute hams:
3x4@ 10kg


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