Thursday, November 29, 2007

Advent Event..

Every year around this time, I bring home an Advent Calender for the wife. We're not particularly Christian, but we both like them. They bring up warm fuzzy holiday feelings, and they're filled with chocolate. The big local multinational coffee chain around here has been selling them, and well I went to buy one from them, and they were sold out. I went to 6 stores, and had them call two others.. no dice. Finally I broke down and bought one at a drugstore... along with two Elvis ornaments, and various other junk (raise your hand if you have poor impulse control).
Next year I plan further ahead.

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thewife said...

... And amazingly enough, the store right down the street DID have one, on clearance! Have no fear, Hoosband, we're in for some good(er) Adventesque eats.