Sunday, October 28, 2007

Making Christmas..

Saw Nightmare before christmas 3-D today, full update tomorrow. I just want to get my workouts down before I forget:

Heavy uppers:

5/4/4/3 @ bw

worked up to 2x3 @ 205
2X1 @225

DB lateral raises:

bent rows:
4x5@ 135
2x4@ 155
3@ 185

Friday night we kept it quiet. Ordered some pizza, watched a bad movie (the Village, I figured it out half way through, and spent the rest of the movie being pissed. I assume I'm not the only one)

Saturday went to open mat at BJJ. Had a some great rolls. Learned a lot.

After a couple hours of rest I tried to lift DE legs, it really didn't happen. My hips were too tight from working on my guard to actually squat. I tried, I had to bag it. So I did speed pulls:
7x1@ 315
3x1@ 365
I worked on pulling quick and even. Got the work done and got out.
I was fried by the end of it all.
Mental note, you can't roll and lift heavy in the same day. Your CNS can't handle it.

This morning we went and got some coffee, and read a bit.
then we got our home espresso machine replaced. total pain in the butt, but hopefully it's something I won't have to deal with again.

After that we went to see Nightmare 3-D.
It was great, but I'll wait to write about that when I have more time.

now I'm making cioppino and yogurt (separately, not together)
I'll tell you how that goes when I get them done.
Hope your weekend was as good.

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