Wednesday, August 1, 2007

Feed me Semore, feed me.

I should have known doing all of those TGUs would have my metabolism in high gear. I have already eaten my breakfast, midmorning snack, lunch and afternoon/preworkout snack. I'm going to have to pick something up on my way to the gym.
I have been working on dropping my carbohydrate intake, but rowing 3-4 mornings a week, plus all my regular training, I need some carbs. It's hard to find the balance. To get enough for replenishing glycogen stores and keep protein synthesis up, but to keep the flab levels down.
I am going to stay the course till my brother's wedding, and then change things up. I have been looking at doing some form of the velocity diet. I have about 10-20 lbs I could stand to strip away, and I haven't decided what's the priority. Do I want to really push strength now, or do strip off the dough first? Does it really matter? Some of this is a concern because if/when I do compete in a PL meet, I am between the 90 and 100 kg weight classes (I'm at 96kg). So do I get down to 90 first, or just train hard and see where I end up?
Haven't really decided.
Oh and the picture to the right? No real reason. I just have always liked it.


thewife said...

Sweetheart, that diet sounds like as much fun as a sharp stick in my eyeball.

J. B. Zero said...

It's not supposed to be fun, it's supposed to be simple.
Everyone, meet My wife.