Friday, July 6, 2007

Totally PR!

I've moved things around in my exercise week, so last night was heavy legs. and inspired by this I decided to add some deads after my squat workout.
here goes:
squat (off 13" box.. more on this at the end)
2x 5@45
0@315 (doh)
0@ 315 (damnit!) I came off the box awkwardly the first time and barely missed.. the second I was a total headcase. Decided to call it a day on the squats.
4@ 120kg/264 lbs
2@ 160kg/352
1@ 180kg/396 (former max-10 lbs)
1@ 204kg/450 PR!
1@ do a little happy dance in the gym.
I should have taken smaller steps, and probably could have moved more weight, but after bombing out on the squat, I was frustrated, and wanted to "just rip some weight."
So I did.
I have great levers for deadlifting. long arms, short tibias, long femurs... squatting, not so much.
It really did make my week.
Happy friday!

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