Monday, July 2, 2007


The DNS server here at work has been crazy-wack-funky for the past couple weeks, hence the intermittent posting.. BUT! it seems to be back. We'll see how she goes. Steady as she goes Mr. Christian!
The past three days has been proof of relative time. It went soooo flippin fast.
Friday night: The wife got the strange sickness that had me laid out a couple weeks ago, so we didn't do much. We went out to eat at Agua Verde which, I haven't been happy with for a good while now. Food is ok, but over-priced, and the service is awful. We went home and watched Man vs. Wild on discovery. I love this show.. more on that some other time.

Saturday: Got up and went to practice. We did lots of low rate work in the single.. apparently my "low rate" was too low, but I need to work on my slide control any way. Major blisterage as I haven't been in a boat for over a week. After that we had a coaching clinic at the boathouse with my father in law. It was very beneficial. I learned a lot. Afterwards squat day at the boathouse:
2x5 @ 45
1x5 @ 95
1x4 @ 135
1x 3 @ 185
1x 2 @ 225
1x 2 @ 275
1x1 @ 295
1x1 @ 315
good mornings:
1x 5 @ 135
1x 5 @ 185
2x 5 @ 225
Since the wife was feeling poorly we ordered some pizza, and watched The Pursuit of happyness
on on-demand. Well made movie, very predictable. worth 3 bucks.

Got up late, made some scrambled eggs with aged goat cheese, and went to the zoo with the wife. We ended up joining, since it's near by and we're always talking about going, but never feel like paying for it. The wife went to work out, I pulled all of our backpacking gear out of storage and took inventory. I haven't been in forever, and we're going in a couple weeks. This will be the first time I've gone with someone else, and with any sort of modern gear. The last time I went was years ago (just after college) I brought:
beans (2 cans)
instant oatmeal (several packets)
1 small tarp.
1 can of sterno
1 box of matches
1 small pot.
bug dope (1 can)
fleece lined flannel jacket.
that was it. It all fit in my bookbag/backpack from college, I walked out in my doc martin boots. I was down in the ozarks, and if anything had happened, I would have been miserable, but I had been hunting/fishing/hiking those areas my whole life.
Now out here. We're packing:
Camp stove (along with a small bottle of white gas)
sleeping bag (lightweight 40+ rated)
therm-a-rest pad
water filter
lexan flatware
bug dope
a couple of water bottles
not to mention food (dried fruit, nuts, some mac-n-cheese, canned salmon, oatmeal, honey, seasoning, and some olive oil) and extra clothes, and probably the GPS just for giggles.
I'll be using trekking poles, and my Merril light hikers that have been from the top of the Andes, to the Ozarks, to the Costa Rican rain forests, to snow shoeing the Olympic peninsula and pretty much everywhere in between.
By no means is that a ton of gear, but when I lay it all out, I feel like a bit of a gearhead. I'll get over it when I'm getting a decent night's sleep in a tent with a belly full of something other than beans and rice.


Code name: 1% said...


a choice selection, but nothing compared to your average climber. best of that is, you get to compliment them on their nice "rack".

J. B. Zero said...

I do appreciate a nice rack.
But I only gym climb and boulder. (all of my climbing friends moved away.. that makes me a sad panda) :(