Monday, July 9, 2007

I can't get no...

Master card, I'm slightly dissatisfied.
I have been a team sport athlete all my life. There is something great in a close team, where everyone is pushing for a common goal, and every practice/drill/game you're pushing to get, or to keep a spot in the first side. It's magic when it happens. You have no choice but to respect the other guys who are busting their butts with you. That is gone from my life. I've tried the rowing thing, and it's really fun, but I can't tell if I don't like racing, or if it's all sour grapes because the guys I was racing with expected to lose. They had the same lame excuses all ready. It sucks to bust your butt and look at the guys around you and most of them are plodding along, crushed under the weight of their excuses. I really love lifting, and it's been really fun to get back under some (fairly) heavy weight, but there isn't a hardcore gym around here, and while mine has 2 platforms, bumper plates, a glute-ham, and just about everything a growing boy needs.. I work out alone, and it gets hard to keep pushing, to stay motivated. The question becomes.. what's next? Am I going to race in the single? Start seriously powerlifting? give Girevoy Sport a try? Something else? I've been doing some soul searching, and I haven't really found it. I guess more than anything, I've been surrounded by 20-30 like minded, guys working for the same goals for 20 years, and now.. I'm all by my onesey, with no long term goal.
Which alternates from getting me down (poor lost lonely soul.. everyone all together "Awwwww.")
To the world is my oyster! I'm going to take on a new challenge and totally kick it's butt!


ces said...

I totally understand.
There is nothing at all like playing on a team that wants to win.
And also, nothing at all like playing on a team that couldn't care less.

I'm content competing with myself and past performance - just focusing on getting stronger and faster. I think my team sports days are over, and I'm ok with that.

It's either that or the office bowling league, or local men's softball league. Neither are my idea of competitive sport.

AE said...

I have no answers for you, but I thought that you'd find it interesting that my current home state of FL offers girls' weightlifting as a sanctioned high school sport. According to the results from last year's state tournament, at my weight, I really should be benchpressing 165 pounds. I'd better get busy since the best I ever did in college in Health and Wellness was just under 100 pounds.