Monday, July 16, 2007

Beauty is only skin deep..

I have been fortunate in my life to have a number of beautiful women call me a friend in a number of different forms. Some of them read this blog, some I haven't spoken to in years. This is not a list that excludes those not mentioned, but pays special attention to those who are:

My Wife: This list begins and ends with her. She is the most complete woman I know. Statuesque and adorable. Powerful and demure. Athletic and curvaceous. She could appear as easily as a Greek statue as a renaissance painting. She is sweet and insightful. She is the most amazing athlete. She is Humble and sweet. She is the sun that warms my life, the world I live in and the gravity that holds me to it.

AE: Lovely without subterfuge, no make-up, no lace. Just soft eyes and a fierce and complex intellect. She is warm and graceful. She begins her emails "dear." She takes her leave of Dug and myself with a peck on the cheek.

Dr. 1%: An expression of kinetic beauty. Constantly in motion. Always smiling, and lifts the whole world up with her. I can't remember time spent with her that I didn't laugh.

Amelie: Sweet and Demure. Intense and petite. She told me once, quite matter of factly, "you are good." I wish I appreciated that then, the way I do now. I wish I believed her now, the way I did then.

V: Statuesque and girly. An amazon with a Coach shield, and Prada grieves. Caring and matter of fact. Truly one of my best friends.

Boozetan: Curvy and shy. Beautiful and funny. She introduced me to Tom Robbins, and helped me see a lot of the traits I was showing other people. It doesn't matter that she covers her mouth with her hand when she smiles, because everything about her shows it when she laughs.

Most of these women are not now and never have been anything other than my platonic friend, but as I get older (and hopefully more mature) the more I appreciate the beauty of these, my friends. If you are on this list I hope you are happy, healthy and generally well.. and if you are my wife "D.D.I.L.M.D."


AE said...

Wow, that's one of the nicest compliments anyone ever has given me. Really, I mean that. Thanks, and you're not so bad yourself, you know. Now, did you see the amazing news story about the Australian rugby player who had an opponent's tooth stuck in his forehead for three months and _didn't even know it_? Happily, such incidents rarely occur in the history profession.

J. B. Zero said...

You're welcome.
I did hear about that. It's kinda gross.