Monday, June 11, 2007

Who left the Flu open!?

I have been sick all weekend. I still feel like reheated dog crap.
Friday night I was fine, lifted legs, all was well. Went to bed with a scratchy throat.
Saturday morning, I slept through my alarm, and missed practice. Got up and had breakfast with the wife. Lay on the couch all day working very hard to keep some part of the room in focus. Slept late yesterday. Went to coffee with SJ. We had a good chat even though I was spacey as hell, and babbling like... well alot. Today I am at work, because I have to get some stuff done. I have not eaten, and really have no plans to. I am cold and sweaty. I am going to go home as soon as I can and get some sleep.

1 comment:

SJ said...

You were rather chatty, but it was all interesting. I'm just glad I didn't give you the cold that people have over here.