Monday, June 25, 2007

Weekend update!

working working working.
wednesday night I came in at midnight, worked till 2:30 am, went home slept for 90 minutes, went to practice, then went back to work.
Thursday, I worked all day, packed and went to bed.
Friday drove down to Vancouver, Wa. Took second in our heat in the Mixed 8+, took 3rd in the final. Ate dinner at chevys.
Saturday, rowed the men's A4+.. finished did not place. Rowed the Men's B 8+ finished, did not place.
Sunday helped people get to their races, and generally hung out at the races. De-rigged the boats, and slapped them on the trailer. Drove home.
Today 12 hours at work and counting. I'm pooped and could end up staying here for another 2-3 hours.
Hopefully someday I'll get back to blogging.
Hope someone out there's getting some rest.

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