Monday, June 18, 2007

random bits..

1) It drives me nuts when a radio station (mostly country radio) dubs in local teams, or it's own name into songs. Leave it the heck alone. If an artist wants to declare his love for a team, don't put words in his mouth. Also, you're not that great of a radio station. We are not fooled into thinking that the artist wrote a special song just for you.

2) There are 4 "young adult" books in the Amazon top 20. Come on people, read grown up books.

3) My nose still won't stop running.

4) Everything I've READ about this book makes me wince. I can't tell if this very thin woman actually believes this stuff, or if she's just selling a big ole batch of "whattheywannahear."

5) I am a pretty awful party planner. I had 5 people at my college graduation party. I had 2 people at a get together I threw a few years back, and 1 person at a BBQ at my place this weekend. My wife sets something up we have 30 people at our place. You can't even walk around in there. Maybe I'm not as charming as I think.

6) One of the discussion boards I check out from time to time, a woman actually asked if lifting weights would cause her to be infertile. I was shocked and appalled. Did people actually believe this back in the day, or were they really trying just to "keep women in their place." I have no place in my definition of "attractive" for someone who is willfully physically incapable. Lift weights, run fast, jump high! Be an athlete!

7) for you father's out there, Happy father's day.

8) Congratulations to Dr. 1% she is awesome in her fabulousity and is 100% bonafide.


AE said...

If you're talking about the college graduation party you threw in Kirksville, cut yourself some slack since it was the academic off-season, and not too many people were in town. Anyway, I remember meeting your father for the first time and having a generally lovely time. Bigger isn't always better.

J. B. Zero said...

True. I am not really down on the subject. Just pointing out the irony my poor party attendance mojo.

Code name: 1% said...

aw shucks, thanks for the mad props.

also, i would come to your party, provided i was within 100mi of it anyway. but if the wife is better at it, then shit let her do it.