Friday, May 18, 2007

Who are you, who would you have been.

The past few days work has been freakishly busy. A sum total of 3 projects have started since wednesday, and all of them are going to deliver before saturday (including our normal business) Which may mean nothing to you, but trust me it's insane. Most companies require a 2 week lead for any product, and an additional 2 weeks for any NEW products. So that's been busy and stressful. A friend of mine from Mizz-er-uh. Came to visit on wednesday. It was nice to see her, but she's a nurse that works with children who have cancer, and she's having some serious problems at home, and the people she was traveling with were lame and boring, so it was more introspective than I'd thought it would be. It got me thinking about life and choices. How happy would I have been somewhere else? If I had taken some other job? Stayed in NYC, St. Louis, or Chicago.. If I had decided that some other girl was 'the one?' Certainly not more happy than I am with my wife, in Seattle. I don't think that would be possible. What would I look like? Would I be fat(er)? Skinny? what would I have done after retiring from rugby? Would I have a big suburban home? Some small Cape Cod in University City? A flat in Wrigleyville? It's strange, but I still feel like I'd have found a way out here. That I'd have kept searching until I found my wife. I guess what I'm saying is there's really no point. I could 'what if' myself to distraction, but I'm happy here and now, so why bother.

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