Wednesday, May 30, 2007

Quick before they see me!

Work has been crazy, so I have had to dispense with the blogging for a bit, but they cannot suppress free EXPRESSION! I will be free! FREEEDOOOOMM..

Right, so on to business!!
Big doin's saturday.
Saturday is always a big day, we have practice first thing in the morning, then we go out to breakfast (usually the wife and her teammates and I and whatever strays and hobos I can attract with the offer of free food) This weekend I got to have breakfast with my wife, and her Pops.. bonus, he paid. woot!
After that.
The wife and I rearranged the furniture in our office/second bedroom. Not really good times, but it looks much better. We did have to put down my old desktop 'puter. Poor old guy was still limping along on windows Me. I know, I know, I work in networking.. I should be ashamed. Some day (soon) he will be replaced by a laptop. Something not very spiffy that I can use for basic web based work stuff and maybe playing Black & White now and again.
There was a Nap, and then off to the gym!
It was squat day, and I hit a single for 315! double woot! somewhere out there is a 145 lb female scoffing, but cut me some slack. It was off a 14" box and up until a few weeks ago I didn't have the flexibility to back squat properly at all. I think on a day without practice and spending the morning shifting furniture, there's more there.. time will tell. The wife got in on the box squatty goodness, and we had a good time.
We hung out with my father-in-law some more on monday. He and the wife had a long talk about rowing, and he helped me order some sculling oars (this time I paid) triple wootness!
That's really it for my weekend.
I hope yours was great!

Mad props, and shout outs to christine who this past weekend kicked some serious butt (2nd in the bench and dead at a Push-pull meet) and who is going to demoralize another blogger in "the Great Pudge Off '07" Take some time to send some encouragement her way.
the hacks are coming, back to the grindstone.

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