Monday, May 14, 2007

I want to workout, but I just can't find the TIME.

I've been kicking around my workout schedule a little bit. I've got work commitments that are pretty serious, along with boathouse committee meetings, and I'm teaching a Learn to Row class 2x a week. So my time is pretty thin this month, but I've got to get fit for regionals and keep my strength training going, so here's my schedule (I think):

A.M.- Sleep in. I just cannot make myself get up on monday mornings. I know this about myself, acknowledge, move on.

P.M.- Erg 3x1000m or 6x500m or 5x (10/225 deadlift+250m)

A.M. - Practice. big boats.

P.M.- Lift (upper body) Pull-ups, bench, bent barbell rows, Dumbell military press, face pulls, swiss-ball walkovers, russian twists.

A.M.- Practice. single.

P.M.-Lift (olympic) Snatch, clean-jerks, split jerks

A.M.- Practice. Back in the big boats.

P.M.- sled dragging tire tossing fun!

A.M.- optional row. 4x500 in the single with long rest intervals. Last week, I slept in.

P.M.- was going to boxing class, but spending so much time away from the wife with the learn to row classes is not fun, so last week I did a circuit( 5 pull-ups, 10/225 deadlifts, 10 push-ups, 10 jerks with 115)x5 no rest. I'll probably do this circuit or something like it till the class is over.

A.M.- practice. back in the single.

P.M.-Lift (legs). I start with squats. I change every 8 weeks from front olympic squats, to back box squats. Right now I'm 2 weeks into back squats. Then pull-throughs, and either one legged squats or reverse hypers (alternating weeks.)

Sunday: rest. glorious rest.

There may be some Monday, or Friday morning practice sessions, but I'll play those as they come.

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