Wednesday, April 18, 2007

FIRST OF ALL.. I peed my pants...

Direct quote from a 5 year old to my wife yesterday: (written out phonemically as best I can)
Mrs. Zero: How are you today (Kid)?
Kid: FIRST OF ALL.. (doing the frowny nodding thing)I peed my pants.
THENNNN my MOTHER (throws both arms win the air) schedules all these..
APPOINTMENTS..for me. (sigh)
I have foreign language at 4. I have Piano at 5. and did I mention Ipeedmypants?

I got nothing to add.


katie c said...

whoa, that kid is headed for a mental breakdown by age 10. also, even though i generally detest children, sometimes i really like the way they can speak like an adult about their little kid issues.

Christine Petty said...

Can't... stop... laughing... Someone start paying that kid's therapist now.