Monday, March 19, 2007

Weekend weirdness.

On fridays I work out at a local boxing gym. I was most of the way through the workout, doing some heavy bag work very intently working on my footwork. I snap out of my focus to see a black man in street clothes looking at me. He looks like a shorter sort of strung out version of Kevin Garnett. He's got a chipped tooth, he's smiling very broadly. Julia, the woman who is running the place, starts talking to him. I can't really hear what she's saying, the music's loud. I just assume this is a guy who walked in interested in working out at the gym, and doesn't know who to talk to. So I go back to hitting the bag, assuming that she'll explain to this guy how things work. Suddenly they start yelling. Julia is telling this guy to leave, and two other students run over to them to get this guy out the door. I whip my gloves off just in time to see the guy sort of slap, shove one of the students. Suddenly everyone is on 11. The guy is out the door. People are holding people back; the guy is screaming crazy stuff. He's punching his hand, and making a lot of noise. Sven, a guy who I've worked out with before is calling the cops. I describe the guy black jeans with a weird wash on them, black long sleeved t-shirt, jordans, scraggily facial hair, and a chipped front tooth. Everyone calms down and we lock the door. the guy dumps the trash can and walks away. The cops came later, I took off. Weird day. I still don't know what that guy wanted. I am pretty sure he won't be back. I feel bad that I assumed that guy had reasonable intentions. All that aside, cappy's is a really cool place. A place where you assume, even if the guy is kind of mangy looking, that he has the right intentions.

Saturday was St. Paddys, and being so close to my birthday, the wife and I decided to have my birthday dinner on saturday. I was a vegetarian. For 10 years. Just recently, I have looked at my diet, my ideals, and a few other things and decided that I was going to no longer be a vegetarian. I have no interest in eating red meat or poultry, but seafood (most of it) is sustainable, and well managed. So for my birthday dinner I had what was, and may become again my favorite food: king crab legs. So tasty. We just made them at home. I made some clarified butter, we had some raw and some grilled oysters, and a salad and some tasty bread. It was fantastic.

Today.. today is my birfday. 32. I don't feel much different than 25. I hit snooze an extra time, shaved, and the cat and I became poop brothers. He in his litter box, and I in the toilet right next to him. He was faster, then again he doesn't wipe.

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Anonymous said...

brilliant! i love your blog. i shall add it to my daily to-check list.

love and trans-species poop partners,
katie c.